7 Google X Projects Turning Science Fiction Into Reality

 We all love watching sci-fi movies. But wouldn’t it be better if all those futuristic gadgets became a reality?  Google is one tech company that is working hard to blur the line between science fiction and reality. The company has a hush- hush lab headed by co-founder Sergey Brin somewhere in the Bay Area of North California. Called the Google X, the lab is said to be the den of 100 odd futuristic projects. Read on to find out 
7 such Google X gadgets that will blow your mind.

1. Indoor Maps

Google maps are a godsend for the world. But the company cranked it up a notch by introducing Indoor maps. ‘Indoor maps’ give users the indoor layout of certain airports and malls in USA and Japan. The user is marked by a blue do. It becomes easy to maneuver your way using the Indoor maps.

This was one of the first launches by Google X and was minimally publicized. The company launched apps for smartphones with the indoor map feature too. The idea sounds promising and let us hope that Google goes on to map our whole world for us.

2. Google Glasses

‘Project glass’ has also had its share of publicity. Google is in the process of developing an augmented reality head-mounted display. In simple words they are developing a pair of glasses that run on android platform and will provide its users with a hand free display of information from the internet. it will work through voice commands similar to Apple’s Siri.

Sergey Brin recently made an appearance on a television show with his Google Glasses. The glasses are said to be “a heck of a lot further than people have imagined.” Do we already see a queue for their release?

3. Bat Cave

A running joke among Googlers is that Sergey Brin is Batman. We know he is cool enough to pull off being Batman but he is called so because he is apparently developing something similar to a ‘batcave’

There is a storage place where he works on his secret projects. No other person can access the repository but a few who have had a glimpse inside say that there were blueprints of buildings and power supply plans. Nobody knows what Brin might be designing, but it could be a new headquarter or a new data storage building. Whatever it may turn into, Brin has earned the reputation of the secretive superhero that has the capability to shock the world.

4. Robots 

Google X laboratories are a playground for robots. These engineering marvels roam about freely on the campus doing activities we thought only humans were capable of doing.

Sergey Brin turned half human and half machine when he attended a course at NASA campus as a robot. While he was miles away at a computer that was capable of steering the Brinbot, his robot self went around different groups taking part in discussions with attendees through video conferencing. Now this sounds like a scene right out of star trek.

5.Google +

With Facebook raking in millions how Google could be behind? Sergey Brin along with Google’s senior vice president Vic Gundotra developed Google+ a social networking site. Launched back in 2011 the site achieved about 200 million users in this short time span.

Google is experimenting with the site by adding video hangouts and integrating search. The company has recently acquired Meebo to boost Google+. So we can expect it to become the next big social network.

6. Web Of Things

Technology has already made us lazy and Google is all set to add another level to that by developing a concept called the web of things. It will enable most of our home appliances to sense our needs and act accordingly. The devices will be connected to the web all the time and human beings can remote control them.

If this technology becomes reality we will see our dinner plates updating out status, refrigerators ordering our grocery and coffee makers brewing our coffee on their own. Wouldn’t that be a blessing?

 7. Self driving Cars

The Google self driving cars turned into a reality recently with the state of Nevada giving them licenses. This is one Google X project that has caught on a lot of attention. The team lead by Google engineer Sebastian Thrun has designed these cars that drive themselves.

The Google cars are said to be better drivers who get ‘honked at more for following traffic rules’! These cars could get the alarming accident rate down in the US. The future of transportation has arrived courtesy Google X.