Apple iPhone 5 Release Rumors

Apple iPhone 5 Release Rumors: Siri Likely to get Upgrade with iOS 6

The current focus of iPhone 5 rumors surround the phone's release date and anticipated new design, but few people are talking about the iPhone 4S's favorite feature: Siri. Tech analysts from the iOS 6 News Blog predict that the new iOS 6 operating system, which is expected to be released ahead of the iPhone 5, will bring with it an even more sophisticated voice recognition system.

An upgrade to Siri could possibly mean a better developed interface. Rumors suggest the feature will be activated by simply shaking the phone and website search, navigation and social media sharing will all be possible through a simple voice command. When Apple launched Siri with the iPhone 4S last October, the voice recognition system was touted for its understanding of connotation ad meaning, making it a far more intelligent entity than simple voice recognition.

The feature is expected to be developed further in the coming year in an aim to rival conventional search engines like Google, with an intelligent voice assistant alternative. Apple's iOS 6 software is expected at the Worldwide Developers Conference, where the iOS 5 software was revealed last year.