Samsung Galaxy S3 Release: Different From The S2?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release: What Rumored Feature Is Significantly Different From The S2?
Jessica Menton | Apr 12, 2012 10:13am EST | 0min:59sec
A new report from the Korean Digital Daily says the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have one significantly different feature to its predecessor: A physical home button. The Korean Digital Daily reported that the phone will come with the usual home button that is featured on other Samsung devices, including the Galaxy Note.

Samsung yet to make an official announcement about its next generation Galaxy tablet, but it seems the release of the Galaxy Note has been overshadowed by Samsung S3 rumors.

The success of the S2 is said to be one of the biggest reasons behind the S3's delay; but, experts in the industry say the delay has also been caused by the slow roll out of the Ice Cream Sandwich software on the S2. The most recent release date rumors point to a May 22 release in London.